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Essential Oils you’ll love this summer

Use them to cool off your body, help you calm down before that long flight, and soothe your skin after too much time in the hot sun. Essential oils can also help you let go of all the stress that has built up in your body so you can better enjoy a restorative beach day or that weekend getaway to Negril.

“Peppermint Essential Oil is like a cold jelly on a hot summer day.”

Inhaling an essential oil is the fastest and most effective way to experience its many therapeutic rewards. Another way to deliver essential oils to your lungs is with a diffuser, which disperses oil throughout an enclosed space, making the air inside and outside of our bodies more breathable.

Check out these summer champions that all are available on the island.

1. Lavender

Lavender decreases heat in the body (and mind!). Inhaling a few drops directly from the bottle or rubbed between your palms will not only cool you down on a hot day, but you can also apply a drop to your temples or forehead for helps alleviating those headaches caused by too much heat. It’s also uplifting, which helps with that sluggish feeling we can sometimes suffer from during heat of summer.

2. Roman chamomile vend

Gentle, calms nerves and soothes skin and those post savasana mosquito bites. Add it to your favorite moisturizer or diffuse it at bedtime to enhance the summertime vibes.

3. Tea Tree

When flying, the best way to create a natural airborne filtration system for your body is to place a drop of essential oil under your nose and around your nostrils. You’ll enjoy the aromatherapy effect of smelling the oil while it kills germs before they enter your respiratory system.

4. Peppermint

Just like a cold jelly on a hot summer day, Peppermint essential oil offers frosty and refreshing relief Just opening the bottle and taking a sniff works wonders, but you can also apply a couple drops to the bottom of your feet or a drop to the back of the neck for an icy, tingly sensation.


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