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We have the ability to make positive changes in our life. The way we think and perceive our bodies, minds and circumstances become our truth.

We must learn to love and nurture ourselves, practice self care each day for our minds to find balance, our bodies to harness strength and our hearts to be open. 

Yoga Vibes mission is to inspire people like you from all over the world for the path and the gifts that yoga holds for us.



​I grew up in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. For years I've traveled all over the world, studying and teaching yoga. 


No matter where I was in the world. I always found my soul in nature. So here in Jamaica with countless waterfalls, rivers, mountains, forests and beautiful beaches I feel more connected than ever. 

Jamaica is a special place. I feel blessed to call this place home and I’ve been so excited to share more about the beautiful yoga community we have here on the island.

Yoga is so much more than a physical practice. Yoga is a lifestyle. That’s why I’ve launched Yoga Vibes Jamaica, to give the island a platform for all the things yoga & meditation, self care, plant based food, essential oils, happiness, health and conscious living.


Feel free to email me at anytime or you can find me on Instragram



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