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Bye scandal bags, hello Eco-Tings!

Since January 1, 2019 the Government has imposed a ban on single use plastic bags, straws and polystyrene. Big up Jamaica!

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Most Jamaicans were excited from the moment the news on the plastic ban broke in September 2018. Finally we could do something collectively to keep our island and the world green and healthy. There was a lot of doubt if stores supermarkets would really say goodbye to their beloved scandal bags after double bagging everything for years. But they did. We all did. After a few months of adjusting we can be so proud of Jamaica and how we are making a difference.



Thanks to Eco-Tings the transition from all that plastic to more eco-friendly choices became a lot easier. Not only do they sell sweet looking shopping bags and all kinds of eco-straws (bamboo, glass and metal) but they sell a variety of products than can help your journey of living a more sustainable life.

Yoga Vibes favorite item from the Eco-Tings shop is the spork. Wondering what a spork is? It's a spoon and a fork in one! And you need one so that you can skip the plastic fork that comes with pretty much every single take out on the island.

The store is based online on their Instagram where you can check out their products and prices. You can place your order by simply sending a dm or email a and Eco-Tings will deliver your green goodies.

Stay tuned for a blogpost with plenty more tips on what you can do to keep Jamaica and mother earth healthy and strong, coming up on Yoga Vibes soon.


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